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A Candlestick Alone is Not a Trade Setup


Time to Buy Oil After a 35% 2-Month Decline?

Last week’s Chart of The Week was entitled, “Lessons Learned From Hedge Fund Blowup for Option Sellers – VIDEO.” It discussed a hedge fund blowing up because of the volatility in the oil and gas markets – and the lessons learned as option sellers like us. One week...

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Can You Take the Pain to Succeed

Most that make it as a professional investor and trader have done so after the pain of many losses. This is followed by the realization -- and acceptance -- that any profession requires an education, This would seem to be obvious, but it is not to the majority when it...

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Making Money and The Best Indicators

The price patterns that form every day -- and every week -- are true objective indications of what is actually happening to prices. When the stocks are being bought or sold, they form very specific patterns that can be learned and identified. Relying on, or even...

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