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Gain access and experience the best live trading room for day and swing traders, The Master Trader Green Room (MTM) - GET GREEN!

Day Trading Room Scans

We objectively approach the markets the same way each day using the Master Trader Method (MTM) to enter planned trades, look for new opportunity, and manage open trades.  We may be faced with a different fact pattern each day, but apply our skills the same way as a commercial pilot or professional poker player would.

Greg Capra
Dan Gibby

Meet Our Industry Trading Experts

The Master Trader Green Room, moderated by industry experts Greg Capra and Dan Gibby, will allow you to “look over their shoulders” and observe in real-time how they prepare for the market each day and carry out their trades as master stock and options traders. 

Daily Market Review

Each morning you will receive a detailed market review with our “game plan” for day and swing traders.  You will see how we enter trades recommended in our highly-recognized Advisory Letter and Weekly Options Trader, plus see how we scan for new trades based on gaps, earnings, news, volatility, inter-market analysis, and the action at the market open.

Live Trading Analysis & Ideas

You will see -- and hear our analysis – on new trade ideas for all trading time frames. We will use intra-day charts to perfect the timing of entries and trade management. Because we will be "trading in the moment” and nimbler, we will also announce high-probability day trading opportunities.

Trading Support

We will provide verbal guidance on all trades and market analysis, as well as valuable trading lessons.  Questions are encouraged. Our focus is on helping you become a disciplined Master Trader to generate wealth and income.

Pre-market Preparation

The Green Room was formed as a value add to our subscribers. Between 9 - 11:30 am and 2:30 - 4 pm ET we provide pre-market preparation, update open trades and new stock, options and ETF trades.

​Experience & Excellence

We have over 50 years of combined experience in educating self-directed investors and traders, coaching, and moderating trading chat rooms of stocks, options, futures, ETFs, commodities and currencies.  Our members also enjoy the Chat Room which provides a supportive, helpful community of like-minded traders which assists in speeding the learning curve.

Benefits of the Master Trader Green Room

  • Pre-market review, preparation, and stock and option Focus List
  • Gap, earnings, news, sector, and volatility trading opportunities
  • Steady flow of trade ideas to generate wealth and income
  • Audio guidance on all trades and market analysis
  • Valuable educational trading lessons
  • Q&A plus email support


​Stand-alone purchasers

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Green Room for only

$ 147/Monthly

Annual $1,181 (33% Discount)

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Master Trader course or service
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$ 97/Monthly

Annual $779 (33% Discount)

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Green Room for only

$ 67/Monthly

Annual $538 (33% Discount)

​I have learned more in the Green Room in the last two weeks than I did in the other trading room in two years. Thanks.

Rich M.

I finished swing trader and my next purchase will be MTS. The green room is awesome. so much to learn it is fun.

Robert L.

Hi Rob… I will be following your path with the courses as soon as time and cash allows. Thank you for letting me know and I agree this Green Room is Awesome.

Debbie G.