Advanced Gap Trading Strategies – AGS

Master Trader Advanced Gap Trading Strategies -AGS

Make a Living Trading a Single Strategy Each Day.

Trading morning gaps in stocks is one of the best ways to make significant profits in a short period of time.

AGS Teaches You a Systematic Method for Determining The Best Gaping Stocks

               The Master Trader 7-point gap rating system gives you the greatest odds of trading the gap in the right direction – and the timing of the entry and exit

Master Trader Method for trading gaps, you’ll know exactly when to buy and sell with no guesswork.

AGS 7-point rating system give you the best odds to make money consistently.

  • The 7-point rating system that takes the guess work out of gap trading
  • How to tell if the gap is professional or novice and how to exploit each
  • How to drill down to lower time frames to pin-point entries
  • How to combine daily and intra-day time frames for the best odds
  • How to use the Void Concept for maximum gap trading profits
  • The 7 action price patterns that signal that it is time to enter 
  • How to create and follow a professional morning gap list
  • The Master Trader Money Gap Play
  • How to use relative strength or weakness
  • How to use the Master Trader Advance Moving Averages

Master Trader Advanced Gap Trading Strategies - AGS

A Complete Gap Trading Course that will teach you how to start earning a living trading gaps for an hour to two a day.

There are gaping stocks every day to profit from. When earnings are being reported, it is often the best time to trade gaps.

AGS give you a clear and concise gap trading method to use every day.

As a student of the Advanced Gap Trading Strategies, if you use the TC2000 scanner 

Greg will provide you his exact Gap Trading page FREE with all Gap Scans so you will not miss a Gap Trading Opportunity


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