About Master Trader

Investors and active traders are always wondering where stocks, commodities, and currencies are going in their search for the next profitable trade. They use all kinds of analyses – including listening to the “so-called experts” — in trying to answer that question. With proper education and strategies, the answer is right in front of you.

We are pleased to announce the formation of MasterTrader.com by industry experts who possess a combined trading experience of equities, options, and futures of 50+ years. Greg Capra, founder of Pristine Trading in 1994 and industry-leading market technician, and Dan Gibby, an expert in using technical analysis in options trading to generate income and deploying option layover strategies for portfolio/asset management.

Through trading advisory letters, special reports, seminars/webinars, and portfolio consulting, MasterTrader.com will show you how to objectively evaluate the broader markets and stocks of interest with confidence, without becoming distorted by all the talking heads, fear mongers, and hedge funds who historically can’t even perform in line with the S&P 500 Index.

The stock market educational industry is overflowing with those selling indicators as education, promissory systems, and rudimentary or incomplete education courses that leave the purchaser many times more confused afterward then they were when they started. Although the sellers make money, you rarely do by following them.

Our approach to the markets is based on technical analysis, rather than a fundamental based one; however, we use what we call a “Techno-Fundamental” one that combines Market Internals, Inter-market Analysis and Technical Analysis for maximum accuracy.

We will often focus on high-probability option trades since trading stock options often create significantly more trading opportunities with better reward-risk characteristics because of option pricing characteristics, volatility, and the ability to sell premium which increases your break even and the probability of profit. MasterTrader.com will provide equity and option trades for both investors and active traders. They will give both income and wealth building trades to match their trading time horizon.

Today, a great number of our graduates are professional traders and investors. Many generate an excellent income just trading part-time from their home or office using our strategies. I’m sure this is your goal as well.

The Master Trader Trading Advisory will cover the broader markets, sectors of interest, market internals, and ongoing stock and option trade picks. Masseurs Capra and Gibby also consult for hedge funds and private wealth individuals on option layover strategies to increase monthly yield on their portfolios.


Greg Capra

Greg Capra
Greg Capra founded Pristine Trading and is the creator of The Pristine Method of trading and investing.  He was President and CEO of Pristine Trading for over 22 years and is known as a pioneer of the online trading and investing industry.

From his early years of self-education, he created The Pristine Method of trading and investing. Read More

Dan Gibby

Mr. Gibby possesses more than 20 years’ experience in equity and options trading, with expertise in technical analysis, using options to hedge and speculate, and portfolio/asset management.

He uses technical analysis, market internals, sentiment indicators, and volatility to trade equities and options to hedge or generate premium, and thrives in times of high volatility and extreme market euphoria or fear. Read More