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VIDEO – GOOGL Call Options 23Xs Return in One Hour


Green Trading Room – Trade Today

ENPHASE ENERGY - ENPHENPH was a trade alert in The Green Trading Room as being weak. 5-Min Chart shown.The stock price was under the three simple moving averages, so the trend was down on the 5-Min., 15-Min. and the 60-Min. time frames. The odds were that...

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A Candlestick Alone is Not a Trade Setup

Candlesticks are used by investors, swing traders and day traders regardless of the instrument being used.Whether your trading stocks, commodities, currencies or ETF's candlestick patterns will add a greater insight to the supply and demand relationship between buyers...

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The Truth About Trading Indicators

How to Stop the Indicator MadnessThere are many indicators in technical analysis to predict entry and exit price in intraday trading and Swing Trading like RSI, Stochastic, RSI, MACD, Moving Average, Bollinger band, etc.Are you trying to figure which...

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