Below is a daily chart of American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL).



Trade:  Over $33.01, consider shorting Nov (11/2) $31/27 bull put credit spread (5 DTE) for mid-point but limit of $.35/share (closed at $.42/share).

Technical Setup:  Bullish W-Bottom after Breakdown Failure on the daily, short-term income trade.

Option Strategy:   Bull Put Credit Spread (BPCS).

Stop Loss:  $31.08.


Below is a daily chart of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO).



Trade:  Over $23.11, consider shorting Nov (11/2) $21.5/17 bull put credit spread (5 DTE) for mid-point but limit of $.38/share (closed at $.45/share).

Technical Setup:   Breakout from W-Formation from bullish consolidation on the daily chart, +WRB on Support and r50-MA on the weekly, relative strength to markets last week.

Option Strategy:   Bull Put Credit Spread (BPCS).

Stop Loss:  $20.98.




Below is a daily chart of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG).



Trade IDEA ONLY:  Over $441.78 is a bullish setup for selling an OTM bull put credit spread; however, the options are too illiquid to make an official recommendation.

Technical Setup:  Bullish Gap on earnings and Range Expansion Breakout after Breakdown Failure above the r200-MA on the daily, oversold and Bottoming Tail above the r50-MA weekly.


Below is a daily/weekly chart of Frontline Ltd. (FRO).


Breakout all time frames, we will be watching for bullish option strategies.


Below is a daily chart of Zillow Group, Inc. (Z).



Continuation Breakdown daily, we will be watching for bearish option strategies.


Below is a daily/weekly chart of Redfin Corporation (RDFN).



Continuation Breakdown daily, we will be watching for bearish option strategies.


Below is a daily chart of Dropbox, Inc. (DBX).



Continuation Breakdown daily/weekly, we will be watching for bearish option strategies.

Below is a daily/weekly chart of Facebook, Inc. (FB).



Breakdown all time frames but it has earnings 10/30 so we will be looking to sell credit spreads based on a compelling setup if occurs on the earnings gap.






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