Master Trader Advanced Gap Trading Strategies – AGS

Trading Gaps with success requires specialized knowledge. Gapping stocks often do not follow many of the traditional rules of trading. A gap down isn’t always bearish, nor is a gap up always bullish. For that reason, a gap ranking system is used to evaluate every gap. The Master Trader 7-point system gives you the greatest odds of trading the gap in the right direction – and the timing of the entry.

You Will Learn:

The 7-point rating system that take the guess work of gap trading

How to tell if the gap is professional or novice and how to exploit each

How to drill down to lower time frames to pin-point entries

How to combine the 24-hour time frame and when

How to combine daily and intra-day time frames

The 7 action price patterns that signal that it is time to enter

The Master Trader Money Gap

How to create and follow a professional morning gap list

How to make a living trading just gaps

… and much more.

Master Trader Advanced Gap Strategies is a complete gap trading course that will teach you how to start earning a living trading gap for an hour to two a day.

AGS is offered for a limited time for the introductory price of only $495.00!

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