We finally got our bearish crack in the overbought markets since the incredible retracement off the December lows.  Our market internals gave us the “heads up,” and the M-Tops in the Index ETFs gave us the green light to short.

Both new and seasoned subscribers have been pleasantly pleased with our recent weekly income trades, closing 11 of 12 for winners last week using Master Trader Technical Strategies (MTS).

And there were many “no-brainer” compelling swing trading patterns (stocks and options) with Multiple Time Frame (MTF) alignment.

Check out the video below showing the compelling setups on many of our trades last week given in our trading and investing advisory letters.




Successful trading is all about finding high-probability setups, properly entering and managing them, and then having the discipline and patience to follow your trading plan.  We have been doing that for decades in trading our own accounts and in educating thousands of investors and traders.

The Master Trader Advisory Swing and Options Trader provides extensive market analysis and focuses on both stock and option directional trades where multiple time frames are in alignment and we are looking for bigger gains.

It also provides numerous short-term option income trades like you get in the Weekly Options Trader, but with expirations typically expiring in 45 days or less to give more opportunities on various patterns.  Do yourself a favor and take a no-brainer $7 trial to the Master Trader Advisory Letter.

The Weekly Options Trader focuses solely on selling options and credit spreads expiring in 10 days or less around compelling patterns to generate weekly income.  These trades are easy to find, enter and manage for any type of trader or investor.

Although we timely advise and document all trade management adjustments in our Letters, we had many subscribers email us in amazement on our ability to find quality trades and manage them for incredible short-term profits.  This should be a real “wake up” call to those option traders who naively believe that chart reading produces “no edge.”

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