Many traders who short options/spreads for income are under the mistaken belief that as long as short options expire out-of-the-money (OTM) at 4:00 ET, then there is no risk of assignment of the underlying.

That is an incorrect belief.  This information-packed Video below will explain that as well as many other related questions, including:

  • Rights of Option Buyers and Sellers
  • Auto assignment rules per Options Clearing Corp. (OCC) rules, which are based on underlying prices at 4:00 ET
  • Option Holder has the right to make an exercise notice to the Broker by the deadline even if the option expired OTM at 4:00 ET
  • Exercise Requests (or Contra exercise requests) and deadlines
  • What happens in the accounts of Option Buyers & Sellers after expiration
  • Broker Risk and closing out of trades by broker prior to market close
  • The only 100% way to not get assigned on a short option
  • Why it is the Option Holder’s right to make an Exercise Request for any reason up to the deadline for any reason, regardless of where the underlying is trading


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