Master Trader Weekly Options Trader

Master Trader’s Weekly Options Trader is for the active trader wanting to generate weekly income from high probability short-term option selling.

Because of the ease of the strategy and statistical “edge” that exists in selling options around Master Trader’s compelling chart patterns, these trades are available in all market environments – trending, choppy, or even a volatile mess.

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What Are Weekly Options?

Weekly options are options that are listed to provide short term trading and hedging opportunities. Weekly options expire every week – most of them worthless, and that makes them great for weekly income.

Buying Versus Selling Options

As options sellers, we take the other side of the novice option buyer's speculation (bet) that they can predict a move either up or down in a Stock or ETF.

Basically, buyers of short-term options are trying to day trade using options. Most are undercapitalize gamblers that are trying to hit the ball out of the park.

To those options traders we say, Good Luck…

As options sellers, we take the buyers' money – literally – and get “Paid” by simply making a prediction of where the Stock will NOT go by Expiration – That Week.

We love that and we are great at it! We do it with a mathematical edge — and a technical edge as well. Taking candy from a baby – in a sense it is.

Making a Prediction

If you were going to make a prediction as to where you will be the next few days, the next 30-days, the next 60-days or next year, which would be the most accurate?

The longer the time in the market, the more unknowns there are that can change even a great plan and strategy.

With weekly options, those unknowns are reduced exponentially. And add our method, and it is close to a sure thing.

Our Approach Has an Incredible Advantage

The Master Trader Method (MTM) combines specific chart patterns – that we have used for decades — and volatility analysis — to sell short-term expiring options to generate income every week.

Combined with one of our detailed technical price patterns, it's a deadly accurate combination and strategy.

Their Money Is Yours — And Ours — In Short Order

The Weekly Options Trader will only recommend trades which expire 10 days or less. You get paid in a short amount of time and then wait to set up the next income trades.

We only use the simplest strategies to Sell Options to collect our weekly income.

By selling short-term premium (options value), we are taking advantage of the option's rapid time decay. That's referred to as Theta in the option pricing world.

In simple terms, in a short amount of time the option will likely be worthless.

We are getting paid to determine price levels above, below — or both — that will not be violated for a few days until Expiration!  It's a beautiful thing and it's our expertise!

And no matter what type of price action is happening in the market, weekly options hold incredible appeal because of the short-term risk and option pricing benefits.

We have a 90+% Success Rate with our Weekly Option Income Strategies.

With those odds, you have little risk and the odds are good that you will make the money to pay the monthly subscriptions in the first week's trades.

Specifically Designed Portfolio

We have a defined Portfolio of around 50-70 liquid optionable stocks, ETFs, and Indices that we scan daily for compelling opportunities.  About 40-50 of them will not change, which have consistently proven to provide quality setups with high premium setups for short-term income, and are in our constant watch.

Then we have a “moving list” of 10+ stocks that we select each week based on proprietary scans of volume, option pricing characteristics, high volatility, likelihood to move based on news, and other factors.

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