We have another income trade recommendation that we believe will pay off handsomely in this letter.  Over the last two weeks of your trial to The Master Trader Weekly Options Income Trader, our trades were 100% profitable. Our four low-risk, high-odds setups earned a total of $1020 dollars with 10 contracts per trade. Details of each are below.

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Here is our next weekly options income trade. It is a bearish view on a stock that was unable to rally on a week where the broader markets did and reached an area of price resistance.

Master Trader Tip: Stocks that cannot rally when the broader markets do have shown relative weakness — and are very likely to fall when the markets retrace.


Below is a daily chart of The Walt Disney Company (DIS), $101.50.


Trade:   Under $100.00, consider shorting Sep (9/8) $102/105 bear call spread (5 DTE) for mid-point (closed at $.45/share).

Technical Setup:   Bearish 1-2-3 consolidation after Bearish Pro Gap below price support, key moving averages and bearish consolidation on the daily chart. The weekly time frame (not shown) also suggests lower prices.

Option Strategy:   Bear Call Credit Spread (BCS).

Stop Loss:  $102.02. Above this level the strategy is working, so we close the trade.


Closed Trades

8/21/17: AAPL – Shorted Aug (8/25) $162.5/170 bear call spread for $.30/share. Expired worthless for full profit.  Using a 10-lot, this was a $300 gain.

8/23/17:  SPY – Shorted Sep (9/1) $246/248 bear call spread for $.60/share.  Stopped at $.35/share for $.25/share gain (42% of Max Profit).  Using a 10-lot, this was a $250 gain.

8/28/17:  NOW – Sold Sep (9/1) $115 naked calls and Sep (9/1) $105 naked puts for $.60/share.   Was Stopped breakeven.

8/30/17:  NFLX – Shorted Sep (9/8) $165/155 bull put spread for $.62/share.  Closed at $.15/share for $.47/share gain (76% of Max Gain).  Using a 10-lot, this was a $470 gain.


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