Regardless of the market environment, we find compelling patterns with the alignment on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) for directional stock and option trading opportunities.

We have an incredibly high success rate in picking direction using the Master Trader Method (MTM).

In this Video, we are going to show you how traders in our Green Trading Room made a 23x bagger return in one hour by buying out-of-the-money call options on GOOGL.

We use this strategy when we have a compelling setup suggesting an explosive move (whether for a day or swing trade).

Using options allowed us to increase the probability of profit, generate higher returns, and with less risk!

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The 15-Min. chart of GOOGL was what we call a "No-Brainer” Late Day Breakout.

Some novice option traders say to never buy short-term, out-of-the money options.

Combining Master Trader Strategies (MTS) with our approach to buying and selling options with the charts can deliver huge gains, with better risk profiles than trading stocks alone.

Greg and Dan you guys are Amazing. Thank you!! Jeff K.

Two years ago I took Greg's master traders course. It changed my life and family’s life, I was finally able to retire. thank you Greg and Dan !!! Bill S.

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The option spread course is made in a way it can be well understood. Four trades in one week, all very nicely profitable, greatly reduced capital requirement (vs stocks), (better insurance against catastrophic events). Oliver H.

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