Not every gap trade can become a swing trade, but Goldman Sachs (GS) had the potential to do it.

 Last Thursday GS gapped lower from a setup that met the majority of the 7-point criteria that I use to determine great gaping stock opportunities from those that may not be great but are very good.

It will also tell you which are better to pass on.

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The Goldman gap had excellent potential to move lower, and I tell you why - in detail - in the video.

You won’t see any indicators used, and I am not even going to show volume in here. While volume does help, it's secondary information.

Now you will learn how just using price action in Multiple Time Frames is all you need.

Goldman acted so well intra-day (I’ll explain how) that I held onto a Gap Trade for a Swing Trade.

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Multiple technical concepts come together to make a strategy and become part of a trading plan.

The GS setup was good enough to move from a one-time frame strategy to another time frame!

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