Virtually everyone that starts investing and trading the markets using technical analysis will be exposed to the “indicator-based methodology.”

Indicators are entrenched in every technical analysis trading platform and the media.

So, it’s virtually impossible to sidestep this “black hole” of endless subjectivity and misleading information when it comes to technical analysis.



However, using a common-sense approach to investing and trading using technical analysis significantly reduces the “subjectivity” that comes with it.

The technical analysis educational system has been set up long ago for you to fail! 

It was not done intentionally, but the indicator-based methodology is handed down to everyone looking for riches based on a technical analysis approach.

The majority of educational services that teach investing and trading based on technical analysis use the same indicators.

When they fail, they create another indicator, put their name on it and sell it to you like the Holy Grail to making money.

The technical analysts you see on CNBC are no different and proliferate this misleading approach to technical analysis.

How many of them have you seen connecting points on a chart, extending the line into the future as if it was to mystically create support, resistance, define a trend or the break thereof?

When the break of that line does not result in the end of a trend, they will draw a new line and then another until it actually happens.

Draw enough lines and one of them will be right — eventually.


You’ve entered into an episode of the Twilight Zone called “Your Technical Analysis Maze of Confusion!”


Through a myriad of Oscillators, Fibonacci retracements, Elliott Waves, Ichimoku Clouds — and the connection of arbitrary dots on a chart that project lines into the future – the turning point will be mystically revealed.

I wish I could tell you that I was able to sidestep this confusion and money pit.

I did not, but I had a “light bulb moment” when I decided to remove all of that “nonsense” from my screen.

Almost instantaneously, clarity came to me!

The “Kiss Method of Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)” is never truer when it comes to technical trading!

Ready to give up the craziness and consider “a simple to understand method?”

Let me share with you a few concepts in the video below:


The lack of consistent uniformity in the markets — at all times — will eventually discourage the majority from believing that it is possible to find the consistency to make money in the markets.

At Master Trader, we use the KISS based on simple price action. Once you understand how to read price action in the way that we will teach you, your “lightbulb moment” will soon shine.

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