At Master Trader, we teach that less is more when it comes to your charting to make money in the markets.

As you will see in this webinar, Retracement levels are used as a Master Trader to measure the STRENGTH or WEAKNESS of a move Counter to the Prevailing trend.

The Retracement levels are a measurement between swing highs and lows and suggest the likelihood of the trend continuation once a reversal sets up.

It can also suggest the “unlikelihood” of continuation at times.


Learn to interpret the “messages” of retracement levels to determine quality trends, patterns and manage positions objectively to maximize gains.


The Master Trader Method (MTM) looks for compelling patterns with alignment on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) for all trading and investing ideas.



Golden Ratio

Fibonacci retracement levels use percentage levels to indicate where “possible” support and resistance levels are.

These are suggested to be Hidden or Proprietary Levels based on a Golden Ratio.

The majority are led to be believe that the markets are complex.

And — the markets do become complex — when you make it that way.

Fibonacci retracement levels, Elliot waves, and Indicators make trading complex and are not needed.




At Master Trader, as you will see in the video below – our focus is to simplify the analysis and make trading decisions easy.








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