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Pristine Day Trader

Above is the original Pristine Day Trader logo from 1994

In the 1990s, I created the Pristine Method of trading.

​Since 1994, I have been educating active Traders and Investors .

Money managers, institutional traders, specialists, market makers and proprietary traders and thousands of individuals took classes in the 90s. They started with the basic class Trading the Pristine Method.

Many of my Pristine students at the time attributed the knowledge they acquired as the main reason for their success.

However, many came to realize that the markets changed a lot since the 90s

​Many of the strategies that they learned then were no longer working with the evolution of algorithms.

Also, some of the setups became so well known by too traders that crowed the play to their detriment.

​Today, you may be able to find the my old course recordings being sold, some on EBAY.  

​And if you search enough, you will even find them for free on the internet!

Evolution of the logo

Past Pristine Trading Students​

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