Options Trading Fallacies lead to a Tangled Puzzle

​Options Trading combined with Simple Technical Analysis techniques offers many advantages over a complex combination of Greeks and misleading statistics.

There is a glut of misleading trading education and self-serving promotions plaguing the internet. 

​The indicator salesman trying to sell your their Proprietary indicator combination that promises riches is one hurdle.

​The overly complex combination of the Options Greeks to determine an option strategy without charts is akin walking into traffic with your eyes closed.

There are many fallacies related to what works trading the markets, stocks and options, which maybe the worst.

Trading options offer incredible benefits if used properly; if improperly used, options trading a quicker way to lose $$.

Knowing the Top 10 Options Trading Fallacies will help you better understand options and avoid the misconceptions.


​• The Top 10 Fallacies in Trading Options and how to turn those “fallacies” into profits

• Combining candlestick patterns, support, resistance and trend analysis

• How to immediately eliminate over 50% of your losses using Master Trader’s compelling technical patterns

• When it is best to buy or sell options (and which strategy) with the charts for consistent profits

• Watch us scan for new trade setups and discuss what to look for in directional option trade setups on different time frames

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