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In this coaching session, Dan reviews many of the concepts taught in his Options Strategies Series Course and the Mastering Credit Spreads Course.

Also discussed are the risks associated with trading credit spreads and management of them.

Credit spreads are an excellent way to generate weekly and monthly income, but like any approach to investing and trading it requires education.

It's no different than any other professional way of doing anything. Learn the theory, assimilate it and slowly put it into practice. 

Have a plan in the markets that includes position and money management.

The Options Coaching session was a little over an hour and you will want to listen to the complete recording that is packed with great information.

We know you will enjoy it, and time will be well spent for your investing and trading future.   Dan Gibby -

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Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads

Is precisely designed for the traders and investors wanting to generate weekly income from high probability short-term option selling. 

The MTM strategy and statistical “edge” that exists in selling options around Master Trader chart patterns means income trades are always available.

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