Watch us scan Master Trader’s Techo-Fundamental approach to the markets to find the most compelling opportunities to trade and invest in 2019.

With year-end tax selling, there are many beaten down stocks that are setting up compelling patterns for bullish stock and option trades.

Most are traps to the uneducated trying to “pick bottoms.”

Let's look for the quality ones and discuss what we are looking for on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) for an entry.

Let's drive into the dumpster of 2018 garbage stocks!

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education. 

In this MT Live Learn:

• How to analyze the health of major world markets and find the best sectors to trade now

• How to analyze the yield curve and other market internals to see if a recession or market crash is possible

• How to scan for beaten-down stocks poised for a robust rally

• Setups using Master Trader Strategies (MTS) applies to trading or investing in any Index, ETF, Currency or Commodity in any time frame

Market Review and Scanning for “Garbage Can Stocks”

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