The recent huge move in Natural Gas and Crude Oil left the hedge fund wiped out.

Check out this VIDEO on blowing up last week and the lessons learned for option sellers like us — plus discussion of UNG trade idea.

Not only was the fund 100% wiped out, because of the lack of money management and leverage, clients even owe money to the clearing firm.

Although we don't have any specifics of the firm's trading positions, there is much to be learned from this as option sellers.




James Cordier's apology video commented on is located at:

You are in control of your investments and trades and if you do not have a money management plan, you are being foolish at best.

Learning a method to invest and trade is the beginning of becoming successful in the markets. As with any profession, the experience comes after education.

Most do not succeed because they do not last — and that is the direct result of no education or not starting slowly to gain the required experience.

We will always do your best to help you. Ultimately, you are in control.


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