Determining the direction of a trend being up, down or sideways is simple based on Master Trader Technical Strategies - MTS.

All trends are not the same; meaning, they can and do form in different ways, So,...

The next step for the Master Trader is to determine trend quality. 

How to determine quality is not so simple without a clear method.

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The quality of trends varies significantly based on the supply and demand relationship.

We profit from directional longs in up-trends or shorts in downtrend using recognizable patterns that speak to us about the direction of prices.

We trade these high probability Master Trader Setups in what we call Quality Trends.

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To learn:

• What is a Master Trader Quality Trend

• The attributes of trend quality

• How to profit using patterns with Price Voids and eliminating 90% of poor setups

• How to objectively assess the potency of support (demand) or resistance (supply) 

• How to scan for compelling setups in Quality Trends to trade on any time frame

• Watch us scan for new trade setups using MTS to profit now

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