Regardless of the market environment, we find compelling patterns with the alignment on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) that puts the odds in our favor for directional swing trading positions and options trading, as well as investing ideas.

We have an incredibly high success rate in picking the price direction and managing using Master Trader Technical Strategies.

Today we closed a position in NVIDIA (NVDA), which was given to subscribers of the Swing and Options Advisory Letter.

Here was the original setup, which also shows you where we entered and stopped out of the positions using trailing stops.



Selling call options against the long stock position allowed us to increase the profit by lowering our cost basis week by week, generate higher returns, and with less risk!

Check out the details of the trade numbers showing how we lowered the cost basis using covered calls for an incredible return in seven weeks.

The management (timing) of entry and selling of the call options below were provided and documented in the subscriber member area and in text message alerts in the moment.




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