How to Read the Trade Ideas

If you’re new to MasterTrader, the reasoning behind why we enter trades at a certain point may be foreign to you. Or you just may not understand some of the terminologies. That’s understandable and I’m happy that one of our subscribers email me today for clarification.

With that in mind, I thought, if one subscriber has this question odds are that there are others so decided to send out this short video an overview of one of our trade alerts today. One that was actually asked about in Apple (AAPL).

The Question:

Dear Greg,

I am trying to catch all the information and watch all weekend master trader educational videos. lately again about the gap trading from last week.

I have a question about how to interpret the text of your weekly alerts /Trade ideas:
e.g.  if you are writing

Trade:  Over $209.80, consider shorting Aug (8/17) $205/200 bull-put credit spread (5 DTE) for mid-point but limit of $.48/share (closed at $.58/share).

– do you mean with this only if Apple is again rising over 209,80 (this was the previous high, or is the trade idea for the put spread valid at any case and an entry at market opening, no matter if Apple is rising that high again or not?

– do you think it is better to get in the trade at the first downswing after opening or to place the trade with a limit order before the market opens (which would also imply a gapping risk)?

sorry for asking these stupid things maybe, but to me, its all about understanding the  wording and meaning of the trade idea text and I want to understand as precisely as possible, especially since this is not my mother language.. (-:


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