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Are You a Struggling Overly Cautious Trader?


Fear and Greed Drive Market Action

There is no doubt that fear and greed drive market action. A little over a week ago, many were buying aggressively. Of course, they were expecting the markets to accelerate higher -- and they sure looked like they would. However, options traders, measured by the...

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Do You Invest or Trade, Read On

Do you trade Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Commodities or FOREX? Do not fall for the hype that you need indicators to determine turning points, the trend, support, resistance or a trend change. So many will fall prey to a sales pitch for an indicator or for specialized...

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Learn to Use Multiple Time Frames Video

Learning to use multiple time frames is one of the hurdles that technical investors and traders have difficulty to overcome. Charts are like pictures that tell a story about a trip. The trip can be higher, lower or standing in place (sideways). Along the trip, prior...

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