In this MT Live event, we changed from our typical review of a MasterTrader concept or strategy. 

We said, bring your best swing trading or day trading ideas or recent trade that you’ve done. And we will review it.

Tell us the details and we go to the charts. 

We will explain to you using the Master Trader Method (MTM) in Multiple Time Frames (MTF) the tell you why we agree with your idea and possibly how to improve on it. 

Or, why we wouldn’t even do that trade with your money!

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

Enter your text here...For those that use the indicator-based mythology, the conflict between the messages can cause mild brain damage.

Masking or clouding the message of price action in any tradable instrument with indicators, Fibonacci retracements, Trendlines, Elliott waves and the rest of the holy grail nonsense is the cause of failure in the majority of technical traders and investors.

Master Trader and You Building Your Financial Future Together!

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Greg Capra
Managing Director of Master Trader

Dan Gibby
Chief Options Strategist