See the patterns and strategies of how Master Trader closed 16 for 17 closing GAINS on last week’s short credit trades (and 13 for 15 the week prior, for a 2-week total of 29 of 32) in its Weekly Options Trader.

The Weekly Options Trader focuses solely on selling options and credit spreads expiring in 10 days or less around compelling patterns to generate weekly income.





The Master Trader Method (MTM) looks for compelling patterns with alignment on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) for all trading and investing ideas.

In selling credit spreads around compelling turning points, we “get paid” for calling a short-term top or bottom.

We have consistent profits on this strategy, as you can see in the video.

These trades are easy to find, enter and manage for any type of trader or investor.

Although we timely advise and document all trade management adjustments in our Letter, we had many subscribers email us in amazement on our ability to find quality trades and manage them for incredible short-term profits.

This should be a real “wake up” call to those option traders who naively believe that chart reading produces “no edge.”

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