Significant gaps occur daily in the markets which often set up great trading opportunities for trading and investing.  But not all bullish gaps are treated the same.

This video analyzes one of Master Trader’s highest probability gap trades which recently set up on Lowe’s Cos.

We sometimes refer to it as a “Bullish Mortgage Trade” because the odds of success are so high that some are even tempted to mortgage the house to take on a bigger position size.

Gaps come in all types of flavors.  We give special names for two types:  A Professional Gap which ignites a new move; and a Novice Gap which is a significant gap in an already extended direction which typically ends the move short-term.

Here is the Master Trader Professional Gap Trade:



Video Lesson


This video describes one of our favorite Professional Gaps using the daily chart of LOW which was traded in the Master Trader Green Room.




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