Prices trading between areas of support and resistance consistently can provide great trading opportunities for those educated to see them.

One type of range offers a high odds setup. While another can be your worst nightmare.

We will review each and much more in this Master Trader educational session.

We're sure that you will be adding the concepts covered into your trading plan right way!

Enjoy the recording!

Successful trading is all entering high-probability Setups – with alignment with Multiple Time Frames and Market Internals – and then simply managing in between based on your Trading Plan and time frames used.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In this MT Live Learn:

• Our definitions of Major and Minor Support and Resistance and their messages for traders and investors

• How Master Trader uses Support and Resistance – with a reversal bar or pattern -- for trading stocks or options with incredible accuracy

• The different messages of Support and Resistance in different trends 

• How Master Trader Strategies applies to trading or investing in any Index, ETF, Currency or Commodity 

• How we scan for a new opportunity in real-time

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Greg Capra
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