Moving averages can be as subjective as any technical analysis indicator if use in the typical method used my the majority.

As Master Traders, our focus is to remove all subjective and focus on what we trade - that is price.

However, the use of moving averages as a "visual aid" can help speed up the analysis.

As you will learn in this MT Live!

Ever ask any of these questions:

Which moving averages are the right ones or which are more accurate?

Are moving crossovers the right way to determine a trend change?

Are moving averages actual support or resistance?

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In this MT Live Learn:

• How best to use moving averages to “speed the analysis” in making trading decisions

• How to align moving averages with objective price data to confirm the signals

• That “magical moving average crossovers” are total nonsense and a trap for the uneducated

• What moving averages we use for maximum benefit on multiple time frames

 After the event, many took advantage to learn Master Trader Swing Trading and Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads.  The Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads was offered Free with the Swing Course for a short time.

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