Understanding multiple time frames may be one of the biggest hurdles for investors and traders to overcome.

When looking at one time frame, there may be clarity as to the direction of prices and what to do.

However, when adding multiple time frames, the message can become confusing.

In the MT Live replay, we clear that up. 

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

For those that use the indicator-based mythology, the conflict between the messages can cause mild brain damage.

Masking or clouding the message of price action in any tradable instrument with indicators, Fibonacci retracements, Trendlines, Elliott waves and the rest of the holy grail nonsense is the cause of failure in the majority of technical traders and investors.

At Master Trader, we use simple technical analysis to understand price action. Applying that analysis in multiple time frames is an advanced concept, but in this MT Live educational event, we will simplify it.

Trading when price patterns are “in alignment” using Multiple Time Frames (MTF) dramatically increase the odds of success – on whatever time frame you are trading!

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