The Master Trader approach is to search for high probability Setups on Multiple Time Frames, then Enter and Manage per your Trading Plan unemotionally and objectively.

Once in a profitable position, if you are to attain a larger gain, you will have to let it correct. 

This is a conflict every investor and trader has; not wanting to give back profits but wanting to make more money too.

But how do you do it objectively, limiting the emotional baggage which makes the majority do the wrong thing in maximizing gains?

Today we are going to teach you Master Trader’s objective approach to trade management to maximize gains using the charts and our approach.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In This Mt Live Event Replay Learn:

•What is a Pivot and How to Use it

•How to objectively manage your trades for maximum profit – on any time frame

•How to use candlesticks, pivots, price voids, and supply/demand to manage positions 

•Using Multiple Time Frame (MTF) and market internals to maximize gains

•Review of our open positions and how we are managing them for maximum profit

•Watch us scan for new trade setups using Master Trader Strategies (MTS)

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Master Trader and You Building Your Financial Future Together!

Happy trading!  If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Greg Capra at or Dan Gibby at

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Greg Capra
Managing Director of Master Trader

Dan Gibby
Chief Options Strategist