The Truth About Trading Indicators

How to Stop the Indicator Madness

There are many indicators in technical analysis to predict entry and exit price in intraday trading and Swing Trading like RSI, Stochastic, RSI, MACD, Moving Average, Bollinger band, etc.

Are you trying to figure which indicators are the best ones and the setting to use? 

Everyone that starts investing and trading the markets using technical analysis will be exposed to the “indicator-based methodology.” 

It is handed down continuously to the next new technician willing to accept it as being the way to understand price action and its turning points.

There are many indicator salesmen willing to sell you their latest creation that will make you rich.

It’s virtually impossible to sidestep this “black hole” of endless subjectivity and misleading information.

Master Trader’s Technical Strategies (MTS) foundational analysis of trend, support and resistance does not change; however, what influences them can.

Using a common-sense approach to investing and trading using MTS technical analysis significantly reduces the “subjectivity” of technical bases trading. 


• Why the indicator-based methodology is misleading and only confuses

• Why connecting “dots” to create trendlines produces “mirage” information

• Why using “mystically create” support, resistance or a trend leads to failure

• How “looking to the left” is the real truth of support and resistance

• Why oscillator “divergent” signals are not needed to show slowing momentum 

• Why MTS is a simple, systematic, approach to trading and investing profits

• Watch us scan for new trade setups and discuss what to look for to trade

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Escape the Twilight Zone of the Indicator-Based Methodology

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