Prices can only trend up, down or sideways, but they can do that in different ways.

Why do similar technical setups act so differently? One trends and another chops.

This a question that plagues all investor and traders using technical analysis. 

The majorities have been inundated with the indicator based mythology, which leads to a maze of confusion and the dreaded analysis paralysis.

Master Traders learn to remove indicators, trendlines, bands, envelops and the more esoteric forms of holy grail analysis like Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, etc..

A trading strategy is made up of multiple technical concepts. Once combined, they create a highs odds trading strategy for Swing Trading or Day Trading.

The addition of the Master Trader “Price Void” concept increases your odds of a continuing “fluid trend” when there is a Void on Multiple Time Frames.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In This Mt Live Event Replay Learn:

• What is a Master Trader “Price Void”

• How to profit using patterns with Price Voids and eliminating 90% of poor setups

• How to objectively assess the potency of support (demand) or resistance (supply) 

• How to scan for compelling setups with Price Voids to trade on any time frame

• Watch us scan for new trade setups using MTS to profit now

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