Swing trading is allows anyone to trade for income and wealth without being tied to a computer all day.

Swing trading has a holding period of 2 – 10 days and is designed to generate income from capturing the bulk of the high-odds setups on daily charts.

We rely on price patterns aligned in Multiple Time Frames; however, using market internals helps to determine reversal points. 

Sentiment measures how bullish or bearish the “wrong way” option traders are. Breadth tells us if the overall markets are overbought or oversold. Together, at extremes, they give historical market turning points.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In the MT Live Learn:

• Master Trader’s Techno-Fundamental approach using Market Internals, Inter-market Analysis, and Technical Analysis (like a 3-Legged Stool)

• The main chart patterns we use for swing trading stocks and options

• How we use and interpret market internals to master market timing with the charts

• Master Trader’s approach in swing trading stocks and options on ETFs at the turning points

• How trading using Master Trader Strategies will dramatically increase your odds of success in trading or investing.

• How we scan for a new opportunity in real-time

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