Swing trading stocks and options has a holding period of 2 – 10 days and is designed to generate income from capturing the bulk of the high-probability setups on daily charts.

Buying options requires significantly less capital than trading stocks, and can generate a terrific return on capital.

However, it requires the knowledge of price patterns based on Master Trader Technical Strategies for Swing Trading and the right Options to use.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In this MT Live Learn:

• Master Trader’s main chart patterns we use for swing trading stocks and options

• Master Trader’s approach in swing trading options and picking the right strike price and expiration date

• How to avoid the typical errors of novice option traders, and how to stack the odds in your favor

• How trading using Master Trader Strategies will dramatically increase your odds of success

• How we scan for new opportunities in real-time

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