The stock market crash's “tradable low” is not far off. We are starting to see the type of numbers from our market internal gauges that have signaled that a tradable low is not far off.

We warned our subscribers before the top happened that it was days away and gave them tightened stop-loss levels to exit longs at or near the high point. Now I am going to guide them when — and where — to start entering and adding on swing and core trades (stocks and options).

The markets are Not there at the moment that I am writing this.  It looks like there is more pain to come — which we are looking forward to.  But it is time to start preparing for the coming opportunity!

I will be detailing the internals, the broader markets, sectors, and price patterns that we will be looking at in this week's Market Edge Advisory Letter — plus many new trade ideas.


Stock Market Crash Low

Will this be “The Low” of the year?  I am not sure yet, but I will figure it out as the process unfolds.

As of now, It may be early next week that we will see a “Low” to start profiting from.

This selloff — or mini-crash — is presenting a great opportunity, particularly for option traders like us who love to sell high-probability puts and spreads around charts with the skyrocketing volatility.

We are excited and so should you!

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Greg Capra
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Dan Gibby
Chief Options Strategist