We all come to the markets looking for a way of making money on a consistent basis.

While the fundamentals approach has its place, the majority that use any approach will use some chart analysis.

Let’s look at what we encounter.

Any chart analysis program that you open today will have a multitude of indicators to analyze price, volume, trends, and retracements — and in some form, a prediction of the future direction of prices.

While the multitude of indicators which come with these charting platforms should be sufficient for anyone, the education/trading industry is awash with other indicators and trend analysis tools for sale.


Making Money Using indicators for Technical Analysis

A large amount of so-called education that is marketed is based on learning the interpretation of these indicators, especially “proprietary ones.”

It’s virtually impossible to sidestep the indicator-based methodology, so I’m sure you have been through its “maze of confusion.”

It may be on CNBC seeing the latest technical analysis guru connecting dots on the chart with his finger for trend analysis, or he may be projecting that trend line into the future as a prediction of a trend change or support or resistance.

While common sense tells us that this is a ridiculous concept, we have all used that at one time or another. Maybe you still are.

Maybe you were in a webinar recently telling you how their indicators can make you money, and then selling them to you with a class.

View the video — and then consider whether you are ready to stop this craziness.




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