Do you want to learn how to sell call and put spreads on expiration day to get paid (net premium received) for merely calling a top or bottom for the day?

This video shows you how Master Trader uses the chart to sell Options/Spreads using Technical Strategies (MTS) with a huge probability of profit for regular income.  We issued two bull put credit spread trade ideas on AMZN on expiration day after it announced earnings.




Why Sell Options on Expiration Day?

We generate weekly income from selling options and credit spreads that expire in hours, with no gap risk, profiting from rapid time decay for merely calling a top or bottom on a stock or ETF for the current trading day!

The video walks you through the technical setup of AMZN and why we recommended selling out-of-the-money put spreads to get paid for predicting that support would hold for the day – which it did beautifully.

Weekly options expire every week – most of them worthless — and that makes them a great instrument for weekly income.

We love doing on the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) since it has multiple expirations each week, giving us more profit potential.  Because of the ease of the strategy and statistical “edge” that exists in selling options around compelling chart patterns, these trades are available in all market environments – trending, choppy, or even a volatile mess.

As options sellers, we take the buyers’ money and get “Paid” by simply making a prediction of where the Stock will NOT go by the end of the day.

For the educated trader, winning trades are systematic; for the uneducated, the educated are waiting to empty your pockets.

For the options trader that uses the Greeks without charts, those that do use charts are waiting to empty your pockets as well!

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