Volatility unleashed can be a fantastic opportunity for the educated investors and traders.

And it can be the worst nightmare to those that aren't. 

Although the Bitcoin-like frenzy of Cannabis stocks has waned, the volatility has not.

Any asset class – like Bitcoin which skyrocketed from 0 to 20,000 in a relatively short time will bring out the “wannabe traders” and gamblers.

The same skyrocketing patterns happened in the Pot stocks too and then they fell like rocks.

This patterns present fantastic opportunities!

Learn our approach on how to intelligently trade stocks and options on the best setups.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In this MT Live Learn:

• How to identify and profit in the greed and fear phase of any sector or stock 

• A technical review of each stock in our Cannabis Universe with a strategy of how to trade the best setups

• A sneak peek into what beverage companies might benefit from the cannabis craze

• Trading options on these stocks for maximum returns

• Watch us scan for new trade setups and discuss what to look for to invest and trade in these volatile markets

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