Bar by Bar is an advance candlestick reading technique to keep investors and trader aligned with what IS happening on a continuous basis.

The emotions of greed and fear are powerful forces that can make you sell too early or late.

Bar by Bar Analysis keeps you aligned with what is to maximize profits and minimize loss.

Candlesticks “speak to us” about how other traders have acted, and what their current beliefs and expectations are in that time frame.

An arrangement of candlesticks forms recognizable patterns that “speak to us” about the direction of prices now and in the future. 

Learning to read the “messages” of each candle - in relation the current trend, support and resistance - will show you how pick quality patterns objectively to maximize gains consistently.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education!

In This Mt Live Event Replay Learn:

• How to objectively read the “messages” of any candlestick on any time frame

• Master Trader’s Candle Language using Master Trader Strategies (MTS)

• How to use candlesticks, pivots, price voids, and supply/demand to manage positions 

• Watch us review our open swing positions and discuss how we are managing them in real-time using Candle Language 

• Watch us scan for new trade setups using MTS to profit now

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