Would you like to learn how to objectively determine the trend and trend strength of any instrument (stocks, options, ETFs, commodities, or currencies) to generate wealth and income on any time frame being traded!?

Successful trading is all about finding high-probability setups, properly entering and managing them, and then having the discipline and patience to follow your trading plan.  We have been doing that for decades in trading our own accounts and in educating thousands of investors and traders.

This video will explain how to objectively determine the trend of anything, the attributes of trend strength, and then review those principles with a number of bullish and bearish charts on different time frames.



Master Trader combines Technical Strategies (MTS) with options trading strategies to teach investors and traders how to generate income and wealth in the markets.

All of our trade recommendations are based on how bullish or bearish we are on the MTS price patterns that we use on multiple time frames (MTF).

We then choose either Income or Directional Option Strategies to best match our bias and trading time frame used.

Learn how MTS with Credit Spreads can make money consistently in the markets


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