It’s happened to all of us. The setup is developing, you saw it coming but took your eyes off for a minute and then prices are running.

You missed the ideal entry for a long or short trade but it still has so much potential to profit because of the strength of the trend and a VOID.

The train has left the station and you're not on board. But how do you enter it intelligently with a generous reward-risk?

Assessing relative strength and weakness, multiple time frames, market internals, and inter-market analysis will help a lot.

These are some of what we will discuss in this MT Live.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education. 

In this MT Live Learn:

• How to recognize trend strength

• The factors to consider when entering a momentum move

• The exact patterns to use to objectively enter moving stocks and ETFs

• How to use Multiple Time Frames (MTM) and the Price Void to maximize reliability

• Watch us scan for new trade setups in Stocks and ETFs and discuss what to look for in trading them

• These setups using Master Trader Strategies (MTS) apply to trading or investing in any Index, ETF, Currency or Commodity in any time frame

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Momentum Moves And Getting On Board

The recording starts just over a minute of play


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