Are Master Trader and T3Live Related?


Master Trader and T3Live are NOT related.  I am being asked more and more as time passes about the Capra name, the Pristine Method, and T3Live.

This is one of the many emails I have received asking, but most are similar.


I have a question in relation to Master Trader and T3Live. Are these two companies related as I see the name Capra on both sites and also both sites refer to the Pristine Method?

I attended a webinar yesterday with Amber Capra as well about prop trading.

I am looking for a solid program to help me on the way to become a successful and full-time trader.

The person that reached out to me enrolled in Master Trader Technical Strategies.


Pristine Method – T3Live Story Time

In the mid-1990s, I created Pristine Trading with a partner at the time. We offered a faxed letter with market updates, stock trades, and some education.  We also offered a course called The Pristine Method (TPM).

The Pristine Method course (or TPM as we called it) had basic technical analysis concepts put together, which was more than other courses of the day — if you could find them.

We are talking the mid-90s when teaching organized technical analysis classes for investing and trading was in its infancy.


The Pristine Method Course

The Pristine Method was a good name for a course and the material was better than the few books that were available in the day. The name pristine communicated purity, uncorrupted, untouched and, to me, it also meant honesty.

My partner at the time and I felt that way about what we offered — Pristine. We were proud of what we were doing at the time. We were focused, passionate and loved Pristine. It wasn’t just a name to market for money, it was our passion — it was special, and you knew it.

That feeling and commitment to anything must come from a passion and love for what you are doing and creating. It is what made the name Pristine as a company great – at the time, it was not the technical analysis course.

The essence that makes a name special cannot be bought, but there are those that believe otherwise. Their focus is only money.

Today, there is no more Pristine in the pristine method. Prior students know what I mean.

That old course and “the method” is very outdated for today’s markets, but it was the start in 1994 and special then.

You can read more about The Pristine Method Start and End here.


Pristine Trading and T3Live – Bad Trades Happen

Some years ago, after T3Live’s continuous asking me to join companies with them, I did. I sold to T3Live my old class recordings from the 1990s, PowerPoint files, and the name The Pristine Method.  They now had some organized education material.

T3Live brought people interested in retail prop (many have limited funds) and I teach people how to trade and make money.

The idea made sense.

At the time, I knew that the old Pristine Method course was outdated and needed a complete overhaul for today’s markets. A large part needed to be eliminated. My intention was to do that as a combined entity but, unfortunately, things did not work out as planned.

Not long after “the marriage,” the one owner at T3Live (there were a few at that time) that I felt had “Pristine” and was a large part of why I considered T3Live as a business partner left the company. It was a stunning turn of events. I immediately knew this was a bad trade.

If you have been trading for any length of time, you know the feeling of a trade that has gone bad fast.

It did not take long before I did not like how some people were treated or how business was being done.

From a trading point of view, this deal that looked like a great trade had gone horribly bad.  Like any bad trade, you have to cut the losers.


The Name Pristine Method Today

Today, T3Live sells those old classes created in the mid-90s along with other trading approaches from various presenters.

Will the real trading method please stand up!?

In the business of trading, having a smorgasbord of trading styles from different presenters leads student’s bloated and paralyzed with opposing trading methods

If you don’t like this approach, try that one or,… you might want to try them all.


The pristine name will soon be forgotten as to what it stood for and it’s history, and that saddens me.


The Capra Name

That’s my last name, you knew that.  Why is it on the website of T3Live?

I can speculate on that. Could it be that they are trying to create a false belief in those considering to buy the old pristine course from them that I am there or somehow connected?

I don’t know, but it is very odd.

Of course, buyers — especially those that are paying for education to make a living in the markets — want to learn from who created the material. Well, if you are reading this you found me.

As to Amber Capra having that name, she is my daughter-in-law. I know, that’s odd too.

I would like to believe that mentioning the name Pristine while using my name at T3Live is as repulsive to her as it is to me. Amber, consider your maiden name while working there.

It is not pleasant to see family at a place a father does not approve of.  Life has many twists and turns, it is what it is.


Master Trader is the Future

My partner Dan Gibby and I have been educated investors, retail, and prop traders as well as institutional traders for a long time. Dan specializes in options trading and is the best at it.

We can teach you how to trade anything. That is because all tradable instruments follow the same foundational technical concepts.


Once you are my student, I will always support you. If you are a past Pristine Method student and want to attend my coaching sessions like you used to, email me with the course you took, who signed you up, and about when and I will send get you into coaching.

If you are a past Pristine Method student and would like to take Master Trader Technical Strategies – MTS  – specialClick Here

MasterTrader and You Building Your Financial Future Together

Happy trading!  If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Greg Capra at or Dan Gibby at

All the best,

Greg Capra
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Trading the Pristine Method — Origin and End

Dan Gibby
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