Master Trader Education Path to Financial Freedom

Hello Investors and Traders,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Master Trader family and the Master Trader Education Path to Financial Freedom.

As Co-Founder of Master Trader, I would first like to thank you for your interest in Master Trader and a Master Trader Education. I'm proud to say that since 1994, we have successfully taught thousands of people just like you how to consistently profit from the markets.

As you become familiar with Master Trader by watching and listening to our intro videos and live webinars, you will find that we have a complete education program available. And that education has been time-tested over decades.

Today, a great number of our graduates are professional traders and investors.

Many generate an excellent daily income just trading part-time from their home or office. This may be one of your goals too.

Many of my students today even work for other education companies.

Your focus may be building your retirement account. Great, with a Master Trader education, you will be able to determine the best market conditions, when they are not the best, or when they are outright bearish. You will also have a method to determine the best and worse sectors and the stocks in them.

If you are using a money manager, you will know how to determine if he or she is putting your money where the big money is flowing into and out of, or if they are buying “so-called” undervalued stocks in downtrends, losing your money.

lf your focus is to learn an easy way to generate monthly income, then using simple options strategies is the best way to do that. Our 10-module Master Trader Options Strategies Series will teach exactly how to do that and so much more.

Dan's options class covers all the high probability ways to make more money with options for swing traders and investors. We know that all trades don't go as exactly expected every time. No worries, the trade management and money management part of this class is priceless.

You have a choice who you are going to rely on for your stock market education that you and your family's financial future depends on. If you’re like me, whatever or whoever you are going to invest in, you want the “Real-Deal” and the Best, not a knock-off or a fraud with the next get-rich-quick class.

There are also some education companies that teach — or try to teach — what I taught them. They even change the names of the concepts I created to their own name. Sure, they want to try to make it look like that they created it and seem knowledgeable.



The truth is that the stock market educational industry is overflowing with those selling indicators as education, promissory systems, or incomplete education courses. But that leaves the purchaser many times more confused afterward then they were before they started.

And if the education firm has different instructors that are teaching different methods of investing or trading, rather than focus on one, it is a Red-Flag. The odds are that the firm is only interested in extracting as much money as possible from the most number of their victims.

Market education firms run by market professionals teach the focused method that they use every day.  Professionals do not jump from one method to another, so why offer different ones to you?

Unfortunately, that was my experience and, after talking to many clients over the years for education, it was theirs as well.

The number of endless ways of interpreting price action with multiple trend lines, indicators, settings, and new terms to explain old concepts was the norm.

There is a minefield of confusion out there about technical investing and trading!


At Master Trader, you really have come to the right place and we work diligently every day to earn your trust in us.

We are committed to providing you with the absolute best and most comprehensive online trading courses encompassing all areas of trading and investing. Our Method can be used with all tradable instruments. So we are not going to tell you that you need one class for stocks and ETFs, another for FOREX, and yet another for futures. You don't.

But… some of you may be thinking, “You know, this all sounds great, but I’ve been disappointed before. I’ve spent time and money at other educational market websites and still do not have a method that I’m confident in or that makes money.

As you can imagine, it’s been disappointing and costly. Do I want to take another chance that a Master Trader Education is the real deal?”

I understand… I was once a novice trader, too, just like many of you.

Having traveled the path you are on, I also know of the vast amount of “misinformation” on trading you may have encountered along the way. With the growth of the internet, that misinformation has proliferated.


You will not be disappointed with a Master Trader Education

Free follow-up course retakes on Stock courses to make sure you fully understand what was taught and are confident in applying our concepts to your day trading, swing trading, options trading or investing. We know that whatever the focus, all have benefited greatly by hearing the course again.
Follow-up coaching sessions Dan and I take a personal interest in making sure our students have access to us on a regular basis and that they fully understand and are implementing the concepts that they’ve learned.
Coaching sessions are recorded in case you cannot make it to one of the sessions or if you would just like to review a recent session again at a later time.
Your mentors are available to you via email to answer any questions about a trade that you had taken or a question on the seminar subject or really any issue that you might be dealing with related to the markets and/or your trading plan.
 We have a proven track record of over 25 years and have been voted Best Education by the public for three years in a row (among many other accolades we’ve received over the years).

As soon as you become a client, you’ll be able to email Dan and me directly with any questions on the class, or any investment or trade setup, which we will answer promptly.

If, at any time, you honestly feel that you’ve made the wrong decision in trusting Master Trader with your financial educational future. I will do whatever is necessary to make it right. That is my personal guarantee to you.

You can be confident that with a Master Trader Education that you have no risk whatsoever that you’ve made a mistake. Because I’m confident that, when working with the Master Trader team, you will succeed as so many have before you.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick situation (if there ever really was one).  Like any endeavor, you will get out of it what you put into it. We will be giving you 100% of ourselves.

No one becomes a Master of anything without putting in the time to “make it their own.”  The markets are the same.  A Master Trader Education will get you to Market Mastery the fastest way there is.

We are passionate about investing, trading, and your success. We hope to see that same passion from you throughout this new journey.

Are you ready to take on this exciting path of learning about the markets and creating the lifestyle you dream of?  If so…Let’s get started!

Master Trader and You Building Your Financial Future Together


Greg Capra
Managing Director Master Trader