Candlesticks display “pictures” of supply and demand that form recurring price patterns

Those patterns signal the direction of future prices.

By reading the message of those patterns in multiple time frames, we trade high-probability setups.

But what do you do when the pattern fails – both for limiting losses in a current position and how to profit from the Failed Pattern?

In this presentation you will learn some of the most powerful Master Trader investing and trading concepts and how to combine them.

Every investing or trading strategy starts with a broader understanding of the setup.

It's a starting point, there are details that determine the "quality" of the set up based on the arrangement of the candles and location.

Not all set ups are created equal. In the MT Live we will review many to help you see the difference and learn.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education. 

In this MT Live Learn:

  • How to recognize how, when and why patterns fail
  • Failed Patterns to trade, including Breakout and Breakdown Failures, Shakeouts, and more
  • How to read the messages on multiple time frames
  • How to make simple, high odds investing and trading decisions
  • Change your Trading and Your Financial Future Forever!

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    Candlestick Patterns You Won’t Find in the Books

    Master Trader and You Building Your Financial Future Together!

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