Have you ever entered a swing trade based on an analyst comment, a rumor, or even a service touting an exceptional track record – and then it immediately went south on you with a huge unrealized loss?

Successful trading is all about objectively trading high-probability setups (i.e., your “Method”) and then using proper money and trade management while open.

Master Trader trades any liquid stock, ETF, option, commodity or currency with a compelling bullish or bearish pattern on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) using Technical Strategies (MTS).

We teach investors and traders how to generate income and wealth in the markets trading stocks and options.

This video will review a few open positions of a swing trading service where the accumulated losses of its open positions seems to exceed the accumulated small gains for the year.



We’re not sure what management strategies they use when in trades, but they apparently don’t take protective stops; instead, hoping it comes back over time.

That is not the Master Trader way and you will see how simple technical analysis would not only have prevented entry into these long stocks but using Advanced Management Strategies (AMS) would have saved much draw down.


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