Master Trader Method – Investing – Trading – Options


If you have an interest in:


The stock market and have been searching for where you can learn how the markets work in a clear to understand fashion, or



Learning how the markets have changed over time to allow anyone with an internet connection the ability to Profit and manage their own investing or trading account, or



Learning how to start investing or trading stocks and options intelligently, without listening to the Noise on Wall Street


This comprehensive Seminar is a MUST WATCH!

Completing a thorough overview of the foundational information about the markets, sectors, and the stocks within them, you will learn the Master Trader Method (MTM) to give you the foundation in knowing how, why and when to enter positions.

We also explain how the use options using our proven market and stock technical analysis method will help generate monthly superior returns. This course is exactly what you need to learn how the markets operate in a simple to understand format.

You will also learn the Master Trader Simple approach to technical analysis and options!    And it’s only $197!

Introduction to Market Investing and Trading

Introduction to Market Investing and Trading

This module gives you and overview of the course, Master Trader, The Professional Investor and Traders view to the markets and what you might be looking for.

How the Stock Market Works

In this module cover how the market works. What is the market exchanges stock and stock categories?

The Stock Market as a Viable Source for Trading and Investing

In this module will cover the stock market as a viable source of trading and investing. We'll cover the types of traders, why buy-and-hold is dead, time frames to trader and best, today's low cost to trade or invest and how to profit when prices rise or fall.

How The Market and Stocks Move

In this module will talk about how the market and stocks move. Will discuss the atom stages, trends and price movements, support and resistance and understanding candlesticks.


Anatomy of Uptrends, Downtrends and Sideways

In this module will cover the anatomy of uptrends downtrends and sideways trends. You will then learn how to combine the macro and micro time frames.

History of the Stock Market and Online Trading and Investing

This module covers the history of the stock market and online trading and investing. How it started and how it evolved over time.

How the Stock Market Works Con’t

This module continues with the explanation of how the stock market works. We'll cover what are sectors, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, monitoring those exchange traded funds and how prices are formed.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

In this module will cover technical and fundamental analysis. What is fundamental analysis its pros and cons, what is technical analysis is pros and cons and will discuss which method is best?

Time Frames and Trading Styles

In this module will continue with what moves the market and stocks. We'll cover the three time frames and view them in each of them. How patterns can be the same in all time frames in the interpretation of them.

Why Trade Call and Put Options

In this module, Dan will cover what call and put options are and how they can offer opportunities when combining them with the concepts that we have already covered.

Concluding Comments and Next Steps

In this concluding module will discuss an overview of what we've covered and the next steps for your consideration.


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