Technical analysis reflects the collective beliefs of all market participants.

Candlesticks with a few moving averages – with confirmation on Multiple Time Frames (MTF) -- is all that is needed to objectively trade any instrument.

Many unfortunately get caught up in the myriad of oscillators and education firms touting their “proprietary indicators” as the “holy grail” 

Oscillators are derivatives of price and volume (meaning “derived from”). So why, then, should anyone use them since they only tend to confuse and complicate trading?

All the needed information is right in front of you with the price patterns.

Every MT Live Event is packed with a great education. 

In this MT Live Learn:

• How to escape the madness of oscillators and rid the erroneous belief that oscillators and trendlines produce any magical information

• How to clean up your charts to enable you to make trading and investing decisions with objective price action

• Why oscillators actually harm your decision-making process and how the majority get trapped using them

• Why and how technical analysis applies to trading anything that can be charted in any time frame

• How Master Trader Strategies (MTS) will significantly increase your success in trading and investing

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How to Escaping the Oscillator and Trendline Madness

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