The S&P 500 ETF, SPY, has returned 18.8% to date, our gains returned a whopping 51.4%, exclusive of commissions.

The Master Trader Approach begins with a scan for high probability Setups.  Then we Enter and Manage per our Trading Plan.

We find and execute per our trading patterns each day in the  Green Trading Room, where we provide detailed market analysis, stock and option trades, and education as we interact with subscribers.


In the video below, we are going to show you the setups we found from scanning the S&P 500 last Friday afternoon.

Our Advisory Letters will include specific stock and option trade ideas for our subscribers.

Here are some more bullish Setups we are monitoring for our subscribers:



Learn The Master Trader Swing Trading Strategies used to profits over a few days to weeks.





For the nine months since the beginning of this year, if you took the trades recommended in our Master Trader Advisory Swing and Options Trader, you would have grossed $24,306.

This gain is based on a hypothetical swing account size of $50,000, and an assumed Max Risk of only $350/trade for position sizing.


Love and Accolades From Our Subscribers!

Dan/Greg – your review capsules are so amazingly helpful – thanks so much for these

Had another +30K month of credit spreads thanks to your mentoring – not only a from a few of your recommendations but really understanding so much more now on my own which is a true testament to you and Greg.  “Master Trader strategies – Indicator free for life!”  (I smell a T-shirt idea).

On expiration Friday I have been also been having much success with condors with our juicy pals (BA/NFLX/TSLA, etc) that seem range-bound for the day after initial volatility (if they gap and hold for example) – and if they break down I load up on the proper side even more.  Knowledge is fun!

Hope you have had a great weekend and both you and your families stay safe.  No storm chasing!  Wear your helmets 24/7  to protect your big brains!  (Seriously you take care)

Cheers!  JWS


I really love learning every aspect of options trading!  You guys are GREAT!  The real deal!  Carl  E.


Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!   I'm one of your most devoted viewers out there.:-)  Please never stop cranking those daily videos out. it's pure gold!  you guys are truly truly generous. thank you so much for all of your precious TIME! I must admit, I just felt totally in love with your TRADING APPROACH!  German E.


I like your very simple approach. Unlike other trading gurus out there, they're all over the place. Their information is so overwhelming especially those who are using 4 or more indicators  … my head was just pounding.  Gemma T.


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Successful trading is all about finding high-probability setups, properly entering and managing them, and then having the discipline and patience to wait for the proper setups.


Master Trader and You Building Your Financial Future Together!


Happy trading!  If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Greg Capra at or Dan Gibby at