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How to Use Moving Averages as a Master Trader


Post Fed Announcement Market Review

We were expecting the market to rally before the fed announcement based on the pullback to support and oversold market breadth. In today's video we will review the last few days, the market internals and where we are going. Trade well Master...

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Pro Gap Breakout on Small Tech Stock

Below is a daily chart of ORBCOMM Inc. (ORBC), $8.90. Trade:   Buy stock over $9.00. Strategy:   Bullish consolidation after Professional Gap breakout on daily chart and Bullish Wide Range Bar (+WRB) from base on weekly chart. Target:   $9.50 to $10.00. Stop Loss: ...

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New Bullish Trade in Gold Sector

Below is a daily chart of First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG), $10.60. Trade:  Over $10.66, buy a March 9/11 bull call spread (30 DTE) at mid-price (closed at $1.15 debit).  Note:  Holding over earnings is higher risk. Strategy:  Pullback after breakout on daily and...

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New Trade in Bullish Financial Sector

Below is a daily chart of Regions Financial Corporation (RF), $14.62. Trade:  Buy over $14.80. Strategy:  After a robust breakout in the stock and financial sector last November, RF has been consolidating bullishly for weeks above its rising 20-MA and appears poised...

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New Trade in Bottoming Shipping Sector

Below is a daily chart of Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NMM), $1.72. Trade:  It broke out last Friday, so purchasing at current levels is fine with the posted stop. Strategy:  After a robust breakout in the stock and sector last November, NMM retraced, and broke out...

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Trade of the Week: Monsanto

Below is a daily chart of Monsanto Company (MON), $108.13: Trade:  Because MON rallied robustly last Friday with very little pull backs, it is extended intra-day.  As such, we recommend buying MON in the low $107s (which is intra-day support as you can see on the...

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Prestige Brands Holdings has Bottomed

Trade of the Week Prestige Brands Holdings symbol PBH The broader markets have had quite a run since our heads up of the coming End of Year Rally at the market low on November 6th. So finding new longs does become harder. However, sectors that that have underperformed...

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